IN this week’s Harwich and Manningtree Standard a hair stylist has been praised for disturbing burglars at the hair salon where she works.

A man, whose family inherited a dilapidated First World War fortress, said he plans to renovate the site and angry residents have slammed a proposed blot on the River Stour’s landscape.

A party organiser who overcame agoraphobia fears for her job after a customer’s order failed to arrive and a hairdresser is raising funds for cancer treatment by trimming moustaches.

A shipbuilding project is calling out for more businesses to come forward for apprenticeships and X Factor star Greg West received unjust criticism on show, according to his family.

Environmental groups speak in support of the delay at Bathside Bay as the Government calls in the plans on ecological grounds.

There is a picture special of the Sausage Throwing Festival and Hoody Festival in Harwich last weekend Plus all your entertainment and sports news.