RESIDENTS across Tendring are being urged to vote for their new County Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

With the elections less than a week away on November 15, Tendring Community Safety Partnership (TCSP) wants people to get involved in this important process.

The PCC’s job will involve overseeing the police and ensuring that they prioritise what matters most to residents.

It will also be their role to see that money is spent where it is needed most.

Martyn Knappett, vice chairman of TCSP, said it is important people have their say from the outset and take part in the selection process.

“The commissioners will not be there to tell the police how to do their job but they will be involved in establishing the priority issues for them to deal with,” he said.

“On November 15 criminals will be hoping that people do nothing – make sure that you don’t give them what they want.”

The PCCs will be working with local partners such as councils, social landlords, health, drug and alcohol organisations to both fight and prevent all types of crime.

They will also consult with victims of crime to ensure they are listened to.

Information on the candidates can be found by visiting