Bernard Jenkin MP is following national guidelines set out by a political think tank – by using Twitter.

Parliament Street said MPs across the UK must drastically improve their social media skills to tackle political apathy and reconnect with the public.

It said MPs who do not engage in social media are showing distinct lack of interest in interacting with the public.

Bernard Jenkin, MP for Harwich and North Essex said Twitter is a “fantastic tool” to connect with political leaders and explain to his constituents what he is up to.

The Tory backbencher has 2,880 followers and tweets once a day. He was one of the rebels who recently hit out at the Government’s EU budget and used his twitter account @BernardJenkin to highlight his opinions.

He said: “Twitter opens the Westminster Village to the public and I do notice people start tweeting about what I have said or done.

“It is a fantastic tool.

“It is tempting to tweet in Parliament when listening to a dull speech or before I give a speech.

"But if constituents want to contact me they must email me.”