A SINGLE MUM, who overcame crippling agoraphobia after her child’s death by selling sexy lingerie as an Ann Summers’ party organiser, fears losing her job after a client’s parcel failed to arrive.

Lamyar Ewing, of Grange Road, Dovercourt, said the job helped her overcome agoraphobia, anxiety and panic attacks which she suffered for six years after her two-year-old son, Jordan, died in 2001 from meningitis.

She said the job also supports her four young children, Ben, 11, Cody, seven, Kiera-Lou and Skye, four.

But their livelihoods are now at risk after an order, worth hundreds of pounds and couriered by UK Mail, failed to arrive at a customer’s address.

Miss Ewing is now £330 in debt to Ann Summers after re-ordering her client’s goods.

She said: “Obviously it’s got to be paid for. If I don’t pay then Ann Summers will take me to court.

“I barely left the house before I had this job.

“The job has given me the confidence to make a new life and I have made new friends. “I don’t want to lose that.

“I could not be without this job. “I want to do this forever and I want my two girls in my team when they are old enough.

A spokesperson from UK Mail said it was looking into Miss Ewing’s complaint but would not discuss the details of any claim until investigations were complete.

The spokesperson said: “We pride ourselves on our customer service and we intend to find a satisfactory outcome and resolve the issue in a timely manner.”