THE NEW Police and Crime Commissioner has been asked to reassure Harwich residents about policing in the town.

Harwich Town Council wrote to Nick Alston, the newly elected commissioner for Essex, to ask if he will safeguard Harwich Police Station.

In a letter to Mr Alston the council said: “The Harwich Police Station and policing in the area has been discussed on many occasions.

“As you are aware, fear of crime is a real issue and speculation about whether the community will lose their local police station and a reduction in police cover, only serves to increase those fears.”

In his reply Mr Alson said: “I think the issue of which police stations should remain open, and their opening hours, really has to be a decision for the Chief Constable.

“The police have to make savings and keeping open very little used, or useful, stations is a very expensive option - I am not suggesting Harwich falls into that category.

“Of course when it comes to Harwich police station I will find it tough to be impartial as I was actually born in it. But I would have to do my best.”