A KIND-hearted couple will be spending their Christmas day in a church giving the lonely a place to celebrate.

Joy and John Baker will stay at St Mary’s and St Michael’s Church in New Road, Mistley from 12.30pm until around 4pm for any residents who need some food and some company.

Churchwarden Joy, said: “There will be a church service from 10.30am when the heat will be on so it will be nice and warm.

“We will have some nice music and hot food available for anyone who will be alone on Christmas Day, will not have or can't afford a Christmas lunch, or is homeless.”

This year is the first time the event will be held at the church, and will offer a festive setting for anyone in need.

Joy added: “If they feel they can’t face the day or if there are people who won’t have anything to eat for Christmas day they can come to the church.

“Several members of our church will be with us together with friends from the Methodist Church in South Street so there will be people to talk to.”

It is not yet know what food will be provided but it is set to be warm and festive.