A DIABETIC grandfather, who had his cancerous bladder and prostate removed, has a “second chance at life” thanks to a pioneering surgery service.

Dave Slater, 62 of Mayflower Avenue, Harwich, was able to undergo the seven hour operation at Colchester General Hospital in May because of the ‘pre-optimisation of diabetes prior to surgery service’.

The service aims to reduce the number of diabetic patients who have operations cancelled because of high glucose levels.

Diabetic patients who can control blood glucose levels are less likely to suffer of stroke, heart problems, delays in the wound healing and infection.

Mr Slater, a former Harwich International Port dockworker who retired in April, said: “The treatment and service I had was brilliant.

“To be told you have cancer is absolutely horrific.

“It was a traumatic experience but every bit of service I had I can’t fault.

“Everyone was so caring and thoughtful and made me feel at ease which was what I needed because I was not at ease.

Sue Slater, 59, who has been married to Dave for 40 years, hailed the service saying it had given the couple a “second chance of life”.

She said: “It has given us a different perspective and a second chance of life.”