A DISINTEGRATING road surface, which was only recently repaired, could put motorist’s safety at risk, say residents and councillors.

New Road in Mistley was resurfaced last autumn after severe frost earlier in the year.

But concerns have been raised over the quality of the resurfacing and the safety of the road after bald patches and loose chippings littered the road’s surface.

Martin Rayner, chairman of Mistley Parish Council also criticised the work saying the chippings could put motorist’s safety at risk.

He said: ““It is definitely falling apart – you can see balding patches.

“Motorcyclists do not like loose pieces of gravel - you can be thrown off bikes.

“The stones have started lifting - the surface has been stripped away and in the gutter are pieces of stones.”

An Essex County Council spokesperson said an unusually wet summer had caused damage to the road.

The spokesperson said: “Due to the nature of surface dressing we would expect that any works will be carried out at the earliest opportunity, but in the meantime we are sweeping roads and pavements to ensure that they remain safe."