A KIND-hearted mother is fundraising to help a cash-strapped friend pay for her son’s funeral.

Grieving Lyndsey Mutimer, 26 of and her fiancé Ben Bonney, 21, of Empire Road Dovercourt are mourning the death of their only son, Marcus, who died in November only hours after being born.

Although the couple have paid for the majority of the funeral costs, they have resorted to selling computer games to raise the remaining £110 and a contribution towards a headstone.

But Donna Williams, who met Lyndsey when they were both pregnant, said she wanted to help raise the cash after hearing of her friend’s plight.

Mum-of-four Donna 29, of Main Road, Dovercourt, said: “It breaks my heart.

“I think she’s struggling to pay for everything so I wanted to do something and raise the money to help them out."

Donna said donations can be made by contacting her on Facebook, or at the Fuse shop in Main Road, Dovercourt.

Lyndsey, who is still getting over her traumatic ordeal, said she has her heart set on a Winnie the Pooh headstone for Marcus.

She said: “It has been really traumatising and we are going through a bad time with it.

“It’s hard to pay for bills sometimes so it’s lovely she has done all of this.”