LEGAL action could be taken against a district council after it announced plans to change a car park’s entrance.

Manningtree Town Council will consult with a solicitor after Tendring Council announced it would move the entrance of Manningtree Market from Station Road to Brook Street next month.

The Market Place is currently used as a temporary car park.

But the town council had hoped to keep it as designated open space which could be used for community events.

Tendring Council had said it would review whether the car park is needed after a long-awaited Tesco store is built in Manningtree.

But at last Thursday’s Manningtree Town Council meeting, councillor Michael Dew said: “We should consult the solicitor to prevent work, which to my mind, would create a permanent car park.

“I am amazed to suddenly hear work is going to be done in a couple of weeks time.

“That work is permanent and is never going to be undone it makes nonsense of the fact that they will review the situation when Tesco comes.”

Peter Halliday, Tendring Council leader said he would be disappointed if the town council resorted to legal action.

He said: “We are happy to work in partnership with the town council but legal action does not benefit anybody."