A HAVE-A-GO hero tackled a violent cash robber at a supermarket.

Carpenter Lee Belbin, 24, of Lawford, was on his way to work when his work colleague noticed a homeless man robbing a Tesco Express.

The crook grabbed £540 from staff who were counting cash in the self-service machines near the door.

He also scuffled with the Broomfield store’s assistant manager, leaving him bleeding on the forecourt.

Mr Belbin instinctively leapt into action.

The theft happened at about 6am on January 15, at the Broomfield Road store, near Chelmsford.

Mr Belbin held the man there for 15 minutes while his workmate dialled 999.

Keith Wright, of no fixed address, was arrested at the scene.

He admitted theft and assault at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on January 23, and was handed six weeks in jail.

The assistant manager, injured during the incident, required stitches to his forehead.