FEARS have been raised that Bathside Bay port development could be put in jeopardy if land on the A120 was developed.

Inward investment boss Sarah Candy made the admission when a member of the public pleaded land at Horsley Cross was kept in the Local Plan. The document outlines areas for development over the next ten years.

Land owners wish to build an industrial estate on the farm land. It was added to the draft Local Plan at the eleventh hour.

At a public meeting with Tendring Council Council, Sarah Candy said: "The consultants at the time said if we allocated land along the A120 we are jeopardising Bathside Bay because that project can only happen if the A120 is dualled.

“Until it is worked out what upgrading the A120 means in terms of land we can’t move forward.”

Tendring Council leader Peter Halliday said he was confident plans for the industrial estate would be called in if he gave it the go ahead.

"I am fully confident the planning committee would approve the land but I am fully confident it will be called in [for public inquiry]," he said.