A TOWN councillor has labelled initial proposals for Dovercourt seafront cheap and tacky.

Jo Henderson of Harwich Town Council was alerted to litter and spikes coming from the ground in the summer on grass banks near the West End beach caused by decades of erosion on the former landfill site.

Tendring Council’s streets and seafront manager Ian Taylor has drawn up initial impressions which were revealed to the Council to install caged concrete blocks and plant shrubbery but Mrs Henderson believes they are not good enough.

“We deserve better than this, they look cheap and tacky and we would lose half of the greensward,” she said.

“I do not think they are appropriate and other solutions should be looked at.

“I have been told the cages are less expensive than other options.

“This did not happen overnight and I am wondering why the seafront managers have not brought this up before."

Only Councillor Malcolm Nicholson was in favour of the plans that he thought would be attractive to children and adults.

“I think it is great and kids will love it. As well as the bricks there will still be huge swathes of grass to enjoy.”

Mrs Henderson will present the Council’s feedback to Ian Taylor.