A MOTHER who lost her daughter to a fatal childbirth infection has hit out at a government “U-turn” to stop a new test being introduced in the New Year.

Mums fear the Department of Health decision to not to give healthcare professionals access to a more accurate swab for Group B Strep (GBS) will prove fatal.

GBS affects hundreds of newborn babies every year but can be safely treated if it is diagnosed.

Pressure group Group B Strep Support claims the current general test misses two in five GBS cases.

Chief executive Jane Plumb said meetings with the government 12 months ago led to promises the “gold standard” ECM test would be made available from January 1.

But she received an email last Monday revealing the swab, available private for around £35, would not be introduced.

Denise Huk lost her daughter Cara at just 16 hours old to the illness ten years ago.

She said: “It is really frustrating that they got within a few days of offering the test and have now withdrawn it.

“It would save lives."