A PROPOSAL for a fourth solar farm has been described as a ‘step too far’.

A planning application for a 63-acre site at Burnt Ash Farm, off Spinnels Lane, Wix, now joins the two other proposals to be considered by Tendring Council.

Kinetica Solar has applied to fill two fields with solar panels capable of producing enough electricity to power 3,400 homes.

But district councillor for Bradfield, Wix and Wrabness, Matthew Patten has described this plans as too intensive.

He said: “I don’t know why they have chosen here, my guess is there is a land grab going on.

“They are trying to grab as much land as they can.

“I think it is a step too far.

“I think that what is being proposed is too intensive.”

A spokesman for Kinetica Solar said: "It should be noted that the agricultural use of the site can continue, as the scheme has been designed to allow his should the landowner so choose. The solar farm can be removed and the land easily restored to its existing condition, as such the development would not remove the land from agricultural use in the long term."