COASTAL commuters have reacted with fury at massive train ticket hikes on journeys from Tendring.

Rail bosses have announced an average 2.8 per cent rise in fares across the county. But season tickets from Harwich to London Liverpool Street will rise a whopping 4.07 per cent – up £208 from £5,104 to £5,312.

John Smock, chairman of Ontrack, which represents rail users in the Tendring area, said: “The prices are becoming unaffordable for commuters.

"Wages have not increased with fare increases in the region. It will come to a point where people will start changing their jobs or using a different method of transport.”

Essex Rail Users’ Federation chairman Derek Monnery said while fare increases from stations such as Colchester were “palatable”, larger increases on the coast were not. 

“The increase is unacceptable. Passengers certainly don’t deserve to pay 4.07 or 4.1 per cent extra for the service they are getting there,” he said. “