A PRE-SCHOOL could house vital one to one sessions in a bid to keep them local.

Carlo Guglielmi, Essex County Councillor for Tendring Rural West, said he held a meeting with the cabinet member for families and children to discuss his concerns about the closure of the Manningtree Children’s Centre.

“The Manningtree centre holds its activitites four out of five days a week at other locations anyway,” he said.

“The concerns from residents were that the services would cease but the only thing that would have stopped was the one to one drop-in that families in Mistley that don’t drive or can’t afford the transport to Ramsey would miss.

“But we met with Dick Madden on site as Deborah Lamb from Little Lambs Pre School has offered use of a room for that for free.

“All in all if they go with that suggestion that would be win win for everybody."