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    wormshero wrote:
    A Very Private Gentleman wrote:
    Mail Member 4 Colchester wrote:
    Kim Gandy wrote:
    Oh dear, the global warming handwringers got it wrong again then. I thought a few weeks ago we were being warned of severe blizzards.

    Oh well, suits me if I never see another snowflake again in my life. All it means for me is my ceiling going mouldy and damp patches everywhere in my flat.

    It also means having to plug in my electric heaters.

    The less of my money goes to greedy energy companies the better I feel.

    As for daffodils... bring it on. Spring can't come quick enough for me. I hate winter.
    Well said Kim, I'm glad you're back on form after yesterdays aberration, fancy my hero of the rabid right backing striking public sector workers (tut, tut). But the weather is of course how we should think about this politically correct joke of 'climate change'. I don't care that there's a 97 per cent scientific consensus that it's man made, what do they know in these universities anyway? They're all bloody commies in these places, spending all day with books, and 'facts', and by night out of their heads injecting cannabis, smoking E pipes, and dropping crack tabs. As I always say, you can prove anything with so called facts, so what does that actually prove? It's bloody political correctness gone mad, is what it is.
    A luvvies charter above part of the turkeys on the back door gang at Xmas time.
    It will snow probably for about a day or two, then out will come the 4wd brigade and what a welcome sight that will be.
    This will be followed by the I'm so tight I cannot be bothered to service my car bunch, who will be stranded on the road side blocking everyone in sight on Remembrance Ave.
    (Normally silly little 17 years old ladies in Ford KA's who have spent their money alcopop WKD's instead of getting their cars serviced) These would not need such much attention, if the little preened darlings spent lees time whizzing around with their foot to the floors by the way!
    Then there is the Public Sector I will be late claiming i have climbed the Eiger with Clint Eastwood routine.
    Half and inch of snow brings the UK to a standstill!
    So enjoy your predicted 2 days of the white stuff while most of you take about 4 days off work.
    Finally I have cousins and close family that are University scientists and students.
    They do not take drugs, they are not communist nor are they stupid, in fact one of them might save your bacon one day in the research that is being undertaken, "Not that some of you are worth the time and trouble with the way you rant on".
    Enjoy your snow and please be mind full of the banana skins under the black ice, there's a good fellows.
    I drive a little FWD hatchback (it is small but it also gets over 70mpg on my infrequent use of it) and those little cars handle the snow much better than the usual RWD car at least. That said, personally, as a train commuter, I tend to find the trains run weirdly to time during snow. Better to time than when it snows a little anyways.
    Sure excellent compromise and very sensible!

    Fiat Panda 4X4 Diesel Cross with all the Kit

    80 MPG Max.

    Fantastic vehicle the europeans love them and so should we:

    See the you tube videos.

    Now that FIAT owns Chrysler a force to be reckoned with

    cannot wait for the glorious Alfa 4c to grace the tarmac in Colchester."
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Will this be our first snowless winter since 2002?

Flashback to Hilly Fields, Colchester in January 2013

Flashback to Hilly Fields, Colchester in January 2013

First published in News

ESSEX is set for a snow-free winter for the first time in more than a decade.

Tom Defty, of Essex Weather Centre, believes not a single snowflake will fall this winter.

If his prediction proves correct, it will make a stark contrast to last February and March, when there were several weeks of freezing conditions.

Mr Defty said: “This may be the first winter since 2002 that we see no snow, not a single flake, in Essex.

“It is past Mid Winters Day, we have survived without snow so far.

“From now it is going to be more of the same, it is going to be more rain and a very mild weather.”

Mr Defty said people should look out for signs of an early spring.

He added: “One of the biggest things people will notice is the spring bulbs coming through, the rose bushes flowering and the trees have got buds on.

“I have been sent so many photos of early-blooming daffodils.

“Normally when everything progresses early we have a sudden cold snap but I have not seen anything significant in the forecast.”

Mr Defty added even if cold winds were to come from Europe, sea temperatures are so warm, a cold snap would be unlikely.

He said: “A year agowe had pictures of Essex under really deep snow and rush hour was absolute mayhem. This year it is a completely different picture.

“We won’t have the big storm systems we had in December but we will have rainfall day after day, a couple of millimetres falling on saturated ground and it is going to take a long time for the ground to dry out.”

Surface flooding will be the main weather concern from now until the end of winter.

Essex Weather Centre figures show we already had the total expected rainfall for January within the first two weeks of the year.

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