A TOWN’S historic High Street could be under threat if council proposals to axe some shops are given the go-ahead.

Planned amendments to Tendring Council’s local plan, which outlines how the district will be developed over the next 15 years, would see three shops in Manningtree High Street stripped of their status as primary shopping frontages.

This means they would not be classed as retail outlets and could be lost as shops forever.

Councillor Lady Ann Hoskyns believes the whole town could be at risk if the plans went through.

“The removal of the shop frontage could reduce the ability for the whole of Manningtree to remain viable, which is why the premises must be saved for retail purposes,” she said.

Manningtree Town Council voted unanimously to oppose the plans and Manningtree Business Chamber chairman Jenine Collier branded the idea ridiculous.