ESSEX County Council has pledged to spend £435,000 to tackle domestic violence.

Under budget plans for 2014/15, the cash will be spent supporting work done by the council and its partners.

Other spending plans include £89million repairing potholes and on road maintenance and £91million on improvements to A-roads. The Tory-run authority’s proposed 1.49 per cent council tax rise, equivalent to £16.19 a year on a Band D home, will help to fund the spending.

Other areas of investment include £500,000 to support an extra 260 apprenticeships, £1million on facilities for young people and £1.4million on care for people with physical and mental disabilities.

Opposition groups have criticised the plans at a time the authority is looking to slash the annual youth services budget from £5million to £3million and close two respite homes for disabled children.

Labour, Lib Dem, Ukip and the Green party will offer alternative budget proposals at the full council meeting on February 11.