CONCERNED councillors are furious no action has been taken to secure a potentially dangerous railway bridge.

Trees blocking the bridge on New Road in Mistley from the road were torn down last summer.

But despite ongoing calls for urgent action to install a new safety barrier, close to the former Wagon Pub, nothing has been done. Mistley Parish Council has hit out at the lack of action and inadequate temporary fencing, which they believe could potentially lead to a lorry plunging onto the tracks below.

Council chairman Martin Rayner said: “We have been asking them to do something since August and they have not replied.

“It is just a thin chain link fence and if a lorry coming from Mistley port or the Maltings had to swerve they could go through it and end up down the embankment blocking the line.

“We would like them to come along and see how it is safe.

“It needs more protection.”

A spokesman for Network Rail said: “Network Rail carried out work to the cutting adjacent to New Road which resulted in the necessary removal of vegetation and fencing last year.

“In accordance with the guidance provided by the Department for Transport, this site was considered by Network Rail to be of a lower risk from road vehicles and appropriate fencing was put in place."