A UNDIAGNOSED tumour nearly killed little Hollie Jarrett - but school first aiders saved her life.

The eight-year-old had collapsed outside Mayflower Primary School in Dovercourt after being picked up by her dad, Pete, when she felt unwell.

But within minutes he was banging on the school door calling for help - his daughter was fitting and then stopped breathing.

It was only the quick-thinking actions of Michelle Stacey, an administrative assistant, and Clare Ruffell, a teaching assistant, that saved her life.

And they have now been shortlisted for the Top of the Class Award at the national St John Ambulance’s annual award ceremony in London on March 26.

Hollie's mum, Michelle, nominated them saying their actions in November 2012 saved her daughter.

‘It’s a miracle my daughter is alive today – they truly saved her," she said.