A DISABLED driver has hit out at “petty” parking fines after being stung with a £70 charge.

Molly Newham of Horsley Cross Street was issued a penalty notice of £70 on December 18 by the North Essex Parking Partnership after leaving her car on double yellow lines in North Street, Manningtree.

Blue badge holders are permitted to park on double yellow lines for up to three hours providing they are not causing an obstruction and Mrs Newham, 77, only left her vehicle for about 20 minutes.

She was told by the Essex Parking Partnership that her car was originally spotted at 11.39am and then the ticket was written at 11.45am because she had failed to display the clock which disabled drivers are given to show their time of arrival and she was not seen to be loading or unloading anything.

“The car was there for about 20 minutes while my daughter and I went to Oranges and Lemons in the High Street,” she said.

A spokesman for the North Essex Parking Partnership said: “The NEPP enforces all parking and waiting restrictions across the partnership, including on blue badge holder regulations, to help improve safety, traffic flow and reduce congestion.

“As explained in the booklet provided with each blue badge, to take advantage of the concession of parking for up to three hours where no waiting is allowed, the holder or their driver must ensure the badge’s clock displays the time the vehicle was parked. In this case no start time was displayed and therefore a penalty charge notice was issued.”