A CARING ice-cream man is backing a national campaign to improve children’s road safety knowledge.

Chris Scutt, of Stour Road in Bathside, Harwich, who runs Chris’s Ices has taken on 50 posters starring Pinky, an ice cream van from Sprinkletown who along with his pals teach children about road safety.

The vans were originally characters from national children’s bestseller Pinky and Friends, which contains a story and a copy of the green cross code.

Mr Scutt, who has been delivering ice cream to children in Tendring for the last three years, has vowed to attend each and every school in the area before the busy summer period.

“I think it is so important children know about the green cross code.

“Usually they do stop, look and listen and are quite careful when they see the van but it is not necessarily just important for then."