A VITAL public path is being forgotten because of inadequate signage according to a local resident.

The Hangings pathway runs from Parkeston Road to Dovercourt Train Station and includes several access points to neighbouring roads.

However confusing or missing signs mean it is being ignored by cyclists and walkers.

Paul Turvey of Parkeston Road, who has published a guide to The Hangings on his blog, believes three different signs should be improved.

“At the Parkeston Road, end of the way is a sign which points towards Harwich International for rail and ferries but no sign this is access to The Hangings and it suggests cyclists dismount.

“Just yards further down there is a National Cycling sign. This is inadequate.

“At the bottom of Pattricks Lane is a pair of signs, pointing west and east and the suggested railway station is Harwich International, when Dovercourt station is one minute away.

“Finally, there is no sign at the bottom of Station Lane, by Dovercourt station, telling passersby there is a path.

“It is important The Hangings is used as a resource but it is currently inadequately marked.”