ROAD campaigners have handed a petition to parish councillors calling for speed bumps or a speed camera on a dangerous village street.

Residents in Wignall Street, in Lawford, launched their campaign for road safety improvements in December.

Now, with about 100 signatures, the petition has been handed to Lawford Parish Council.

The petition asks for adequate safety measures to be installed on the A-road, with either speed bumps or a speed camera to slow down dangerous traffic.

Campaigners claim speeding drivers are putting the lives of children at risk as they make their way to school. Parish and county councillor Carlo Guglielmi said: “It’s not the remit of this council and I find it sad the petitioner has not come themselves to present this to the council.”

Councillors also added there would be difficulty in getting speed bumps at the location as it was an A-road.

The petition was forwarded to the council’s highways panel.