A DEVOTED pet owner is calling for help to give her best friend and daily companion some much needed respite.

Susan Henshall's dog Usef is more than just the average pet - the four-year-old golden retriever cross yellow labrador is a guide dog.

Miss Henshall, of Maple Close in Dovercourt, was born with only 10per cent vision in her left eye and no vision in the other.

But because of her condition she is unable to take Usef out for a break from his guide-dog duties and let him run in the park.

Guide Dogs is calling for a volunteer to help the duo, which would require picking up Susan and Usef in their car and accompanying them for a walk off-lead in the park before and dropping them home again.

If you live in or near to Harwich, like walking and have a couple of hours to spare in the week, call Guide Dogs on 0845 371 7771 or email volunteer@guidedogs.org.uk