IT started as a way of getting an extra tea break at work but more than 40 years later a blood donor has now given his hundredth pint.

David Ainger of Ardleigh began donating in 1968 when he worked at the Maltings in Mistley and has carried on ever since.

“The process has not really changed at all over the years. The chairs are probably a bit more comfortable but you still get a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits,” he said.

“It never really takes too long and I think I can pump it out in about four minutes.

“It is also a good way of checking your own health and I always feel a bit refreshed afterwards because your body makes up some new blood within a couple of days.

“I have quite a common blood type, O+, so they are always in need of donors.”

Mr Ainger completed his century on Wednesday at the Park Pavilion in Dovercourt alongside his daughter Jo-Anne.