AN elderly man whose pet needed emergency surgery after being attacked has said new laws are needed to tackle dangerous dogs.

Arthur Singfield, of Main Road, Dovercourt, was left shaken after his 12-year-old jack russell, Daisy, was mauled by a Staffordshire bull terrier in 2010.

The attack ruptured her spleen.

The 77-year-old (right) said: “It’s irresponsible people, not the dogs themselves.

“There are lots of unwanted dogs being put down, it’s such a shame.

“I do think something should be done.”

“They should have to muzzle dogs that have bitten or maybe certain breeds.

“Or all dogs should have to be kept on leads when they are out.”

Although Daisy recovered from her attack, she has since had to be put to sleep aged 14 after developing bowel cancer.