A CONCERNED resident believes lives could be at risk unless something is done about the parking problems on his street.

Dave Ruston of Highfield Avenue has been campaigning to change regulations on the road because up to 60 cars per night are parked there due to activities in the buildings behind the old Magistrates’ court which sits yards away.

“Although I appreciate the dilemma to try and get to the building we have a greater dilemma trying to get in and out of our driveways safely and trying to drive away properly,” said Mr Rutson.

“Many residents are boxed in when visitors park incredibly close to the edge of the driveways and directly opposite which makes it nearly impossible to enter and exit.

“We have had another accident this week which could be related and something needs to be done or someone will get killed eventually.”

Mr Rutson has already asked neighbours what they think of the problem which has caused many to make structural change to their gardens.

“Along with some other residents I conducted a survey and people agreed there was great concern and something needed to be done,” he said.