RESIDENTS have been warned to take extra precautions after a spate of shed burglaries.

Outbuildings in Willow Way, Bullfinch Close and Rosebank in Dovercourt and Canning Street in Harwich were targeted over the weekend with tools and quad bikes stolen.

Crime prevention tactical advisor David Gillies has warned people to be more careful with their sheds.

“They are increasingly becoming a happy hunting ground for thieves and burglars are opting for easy pickings because home security is much better,” he said.

“Tools should be kept under lock and key but cunning thieves will not let a padlock get in the way and criminals have been known to force wall or roof panels to get inside.”

Police have advised people to store power tools in a locked box, install lights or alarms and secure hinges with coach bolts not screws to prevent thieves gaining easy access.

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