BUS operators have admitted their service has not been good enough since the controversial closure of a depot.

First buses closed Harwich bus station at the end of last year with vehicles running services in the town now based in Colchester and Clacton.

Since then passengers have complained about buses running late or not at all, drivers asking them for directions and being left alone in a vehicle when drivers are changing shifts.

Harwich Town councillor and former bus station manager Charlie Powell said: “There needs to be supervisory staff at Harwich checking buses in and out because at the moment it looks as if the drivers are doing whatever they like.”

First’s operations manager Steve Hartman said: “As a result of closing the station and running the buses from Colchester and Clacton there have been some teething problems.

“I was not aware of the problems with the handover and the driver taking over should be ready to start his shift at the correct time.

“It should not be happening and I see what I can do about getting supervisory cover at the bus depot to ensure drivers are doing what they should be doing and services run on time unless there is a genuine reason for them not to.”