A WOMAN is searching for the couple who helped save her life following a car crash.

Jenni Seldon was being driven by her boyfriend James Motley on Brickman’s Hill on Harwich Road near Mistley on Saturday evening when the car overturned on a sharp bend and barrel rolled into a ten feet ditch.

The car ended up on its roof and Jenni suffered a fractured rib, bruising and cuts to her head while James has whiplash but she knows they are lucky to be alive.

“It is a miracle we are still here,” said Miss Seldon of Great Bentley.

“The people who stopped said their son had died on the same corner and the lady stayed with me.

“She kept me awake and kept talking to me while her husband redirected the ambulance to the right place because we were not too sure where we were.

“I never got to see her face and she really does need to be thanked."