A COUNCILLOR has called for a derelict building to be knocked down after a fire was started deliberately at a former factory.

Fire crews were called to the former AEW Delfords site on Main Road in Upper Dovercourt after being told smoke was pouring from the roof shortly before 8pm on Tuesday.

Town councillor Maria Fowler believes something needs to be done before a life is lost.

“In my opinion it should be torn to the ground,” she said.

“There are clearly ways for people who should not be able to get in there to access it and eventually someone is going to get hurt."

Scott Properties own the site and managing director Martin Scott said: “Unfortunately we were trying to redevelop the site several years ago into a supermarket but it was blocked by Tendring Council.

“We need to council to work with us rather than against us and it costs a lot of money to clear a site like this.”