RESIDENTS are calling for streetlights to be switched back on in Parkeston after thieves stole a car and abandoned it nearby.

A dark blue Skoda Fabia was taken from Edward Street in the early hours of Wednesday morning and dumped in the old banger racing track.

Neighbour Dave Priestnall called the police after being disturbed during the night and is disgusted with the incident.

“I heard a noise when I was up in the night which is unusual because this is a road with a dead end.

“When I looked outside I saw a man on a BMX bike shining a torch into cars but by the time I got downstairs he had gone so I called the police.

“They arrived and could not find anything but ten minutes later the guy was back and took the car.

“I could not get a visual because it is pitch black outside and later I found ice cream dumped on a disabled neighbour's car.

“Is it going to take somebody getting murdered or raped before they turn them back on?”