COUNTY hall bosses have seen the light and switched back on streetlights near a CCTV camera in Dovercourt Town Centre.

Concerned Harwich town councillors Garry Calver and Ivan Henderson hit out at Essex County Council for turning off vital lights in Kingsway in the town as part of the money-saving part-night lighting scheme.

Following the break-in at Baldwins, in Kingsway, on March 21, they discovered the lights were off near a CCTV camera in Marine Parade, rendering its night-time security watch over the town in the midnight to 5pm blackout useless.

Switching off lights near a publicly-funded CCTV camera conflicts with council’s own list of exemptions for the scheme.

Mr Calver, who branded the switch-off “unacceptable” at the time, said he was pleased at the council’s U-turn.