A PAIR of brothers have made history by becoming the first siblings to both be mayor of Harwich.

Current mayor Alan Todd took up the role two weeks ago in a lavish ceremony, while his brother Keith held office during the 1988/89 term.

It was only at the mayor making ceremony when fellow councillors pointed out that it was probably the first time this has occurred.

“It is incredible that this has happened and it is the first time,” said Alan.

“Nobody realised until we were at the mayor making ceremony and Garry Calver brought it up it and it turned out to be true.

“We are a close family and have ten brothers and sisters in total so it is a great moment.”

Keith Todd was also on Tendring Council during his time as mayor and was invited to Newcastle by the mayor of the town at the time.

“When I did the job there were a lot of school fetes and things to attend but once I was invited to Newcastle after their mayor came to a reunion in the Park Pavilion,” said Keith.

“He invited me to a function up there, I opened a shop and met a group of Paralympians which was a brilliant experience I would never have had if I was not mayor."