A BUDDING boxing star’s future in Britain could be under threat after a dispute over his nationality.

Callum Roberto Sparkes, 12, was born and raised in Essex, but has a Portuguese mum.

Due to laws when he was born, he is not classed as British as his parents were unmarried.

But the youngster’s father, Ken, is now concerned, that after a ten-year battle for citizenship, he could be told to leave the country.

Ken, of Dovercourt, faces having to pay more than £600 to gain Callum citizenship and then pay for a passport.

He said: “He was born in this country, he is registered in this country. I am on the birth certificate and his mother lived in this country for 14 years."

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Anyone applying for a British passport needs to be a British national.

“Fathers with children under the age of 18, who were born out of marriage before 2006, can still apply for UK citizenship on their child’s behalf. Any decision to grant citizenship is made under the Home Secretary’s discretionary powers.”