A CULTURED cat had a lucky escape after being rescued from the cavity of an art’s festivals pop-up shop.

Volunteers from the Harwich Festival of the Arts heard yelps when they arrived at the store in Dovercourt High Street on Saturday morning.

The staff called the RSPCA but were forced to alert the fire brigade who freed the feline from the wall.

Festival general manager Peter Davis said: “The fire engine roared down Dovercourt High Street with its blues and twos on and the officers had to take the fittings off the wall and release the cat.

“It was probably stuck there for about 12 hours and we tried to tempt it out throughout the day.

“Unfortunately there was a few scratched firemen after he was let out but I think that was to be expected.

“Luckily some neighbours from around the corner have adopted him so it all had a happy ending.

“There was only one thing we could nickname him though – McCavity.”