VETERANS from around the country gathered on a catering barge used during the Normandy landings to commemorate D-Day.

Members of the Armed Forces attended a short service at Harwich and Dovercourt Sailing Club last Friday for the 70th anniversary of the invasion which sparked the final push against Hitler and occupied Europe during the Second World War.

Veterans gathered on the converted LBK6 which sailed with Force S on June 5, 1944, to lay off Sword Beach as a floating kitchen, and still serves food to the club’s members today.

More than 1,000 meals a day could be served and it was in great demand from the other 52 barges.

The sailing club purchased the vessel in 2007 and have held a memorial service each year since as veterans were keen to visit the last remaining barge from D-Day.

Sailing club commodore Robert Day said: “It went very well and we were a little bit worried about the weather but it was perfect."