A MAN whose cars has been vandalised four times in the last six weeks has been told he is a victim of a targeted attack on his property.

Stuart Cole, of Stour Close in Dovercourt has seen his and his wife’s vehicles keyed and shot at causing more than £4,000 worth of damage.

Mr Cole is also frustrated at the lack of support from the police with the ongoing incidents.

“After four or five days from the latest incident I was still waiting for the police to arrive,” he said “What do you do in that situation?

“Months ago it was shot with an air rifle or an air gun and after posting a letter to all the other residents I found out a neighbour had suffered something similar.

“At that time the police arrived quite quickly because there was a firearm involved.

“We have no issues with our neighbours and try to keep ourselves to ourselves though anyone we encounter is usually perfectly normal and pleasant.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said they were investigating the latest incident and anyone with information should contact Essex police on 101.