A MUSICIAN rode 124 miles on a rusty old motorbike with a top speed of 30mph to make up with his girlfriend by serenading her in Brighton.

Benjamin Brown, otherwise known as Mick Squalor of Manningtree band Dingus Khan, journeyed eight hours across unfamiliar roads to Kemptown to apologise to his girlfriend Krista Lynch.

The 24-year-old, of Regent Street, Manningtree, wanted to apologise to her face-to-face after an argument about how often the couple see each other in their long-distance relationship.

It meant travelling to Brighton on his 1971 Honda C70, which Mick said does a generous 30 miles per hour downhill.

“I climbed up four flights of scaffolding to her window with my guitar," he said.

But since the night-time serenade Mr Squalor's classic scooter has been stolen.

The modern-day romeo was leaving to return to Manningtree at 6am on Tuesday when he found the C70, from America, had been taken leaving him stranded.