UNBEARABLE noise is blighting the lives of villagers as motoryclists race up and down a road in an ongoing weekly "rally".

Residents have been tormented for years by noisy motorbikes using Cox's Hill as a throughroute.

It is thought the riders are travelling to the weekly meet in Great Bentley, an event that has been ongoing for more than a decade.

But Lawford residents say enough is enough and have called on police to clampdown on the problem.

Edwina Noone, of Lawford Place, said: "The noise is deafening, it's scarey and it's incredibly dangerous.

Adam Pipe, Essex Police's casualty reduction manager, said he wanted to reassure residents work is ongoing to promote safe and responsible riding across the county.

"You might not see us because we are on plain motorbikes as well as marked ones, but we have video recording and take a hard line on poor riding behaviour," he said.