HEALTH bosses have assured mothers the on demand units will not compromise the health of mothers or babies.

Amanda Hallums, divisional director of women's and children's services, said: "I am sure that families in Colchester will welcome the increase in midwives at Colchester General Hospital and that in Tendring people will be pleased that births will resume at their midwife-led units.

"I want to emphasise that there is absolutely no question with on demand units of compromising the health of mothers or babies by sending them home too early. The safety of mother and child is paramount.

"Mothers and babies will be discharged home from the Clacton and Harwich units when clinically well, which is exactly what happens currently to women who have a straightforward delivery in the Juno Suite.

"In our experience, most women prefer to be at home with their families as soon as the midwife has assessed that they are ready to go home."