LISA Stock gave birth to her son Henry on Christmas Day 2012 at the Halstead birthing unit.

For her she could not fault the experience which allowed her to deliver her baby in her home town and return home the same day.

She said: “It was excellent. I live in Halstead so it is nearer for me to give birth – it is much better to have your babies closer to home.

“It was Christmas morning and I had to call the midwife who met us at the unit.

“After the birth I had a shower and I was back home – it was really nice.

“I felt I had enough care afterwards and I was able to go home quickly especially as it was Christmas day.

“I would recommend giving birth at a birthing centre – otherwise for many woman it would mean going all the way to Colchester, which is 17 miles from Halstead and is a long way when you are in labour.”