CONCERNS have been raised that a children's play area is becoming a hotspot for drug use.

Chairman of Lawford Parish Council, Alan Coley, told the latest meeting how he found evidence of drug use at one of the village play parks in Colchester Road.

"Last Friday I went to get my son so we could pick up my grandson and we went to check the play equipment," he said.

"We walked into Riverview play area and there were about five lads about 15 years old.

"They walked out very quickly and we found drug paraphernalia.

"That was 2.50pm in the afternoon as kids are coming out from school."

The council asked for police to give the issue some attention.

Speaking after the meeting neighbourhood policing Insp Chris Willis said: “Following this information, we shall specifically patrol this area and ensure that substance abuse is not taking place as well as maintaining our visible presence to deter other crimes from being committed.”