FESTIVAL organisers have turned detective after cultured crooks stole two decorative bicycles which had been placed around the town.

Eight bright green bicycles were placed around Harwich and Dovercourt as part of the Harwich Festival of the Arts which began on Wednesday.

However volunteers were informed that two of the installations from Ha’Penny pier and outside the festival’s popup shop in Dovercourt High Street had vanished.

One has since been returned and festival patron Ann Evander is hoping the other will be returned soon.

“The bicycles were decorated at a workshop with artists reCyculture earlier this month where the bikes were painted green,” she said.

“They were put up last Friday around the town but since then two have disappeared. “There has been a lot of interest and intrigue in them and people had even asked if they could buy them but we have not decided what will be done with them after the festival yet.”

Anyone with any information about where the other missing bike is should call the festival phone on 07971041076.