AFTER meeting in a small village more than 60 years ago a loving couple are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.

Alan and Vera Rowe met in Little Bromley and got married in the village’s church before having a reception in the school which was just yards away on July 3 1954.

Having been together so long Mrs Rowe, 80, believes the secret to the longevity is working as a team.

“Back then everyone in Little Bromley knew each other and we were together for five years before we decided to get married,” she said.

“It was such a long time ago my memories of the day are actually quite vague.

“I would say the secret to staying together is us working together.”

Mr Rowe still manages to do some outdoor work despite being 83-years-old and the couple are celebrating with a party for family and friends before taking a trip to the capital for a ride on the London Eye and tea at a plush Mayfair hotel.