A CHARITY saving dogs from death row is in desperate need of more space as it struggles to cope with the high number of pets in need.

Spirit of the Dog, based in Beaumont cum Moze, has been raising money for more than five years to buy land.

The long-term aim is to build a specialised rehabilitation centre in the district for dogs with behavioural issues and their owners.

But to start with, it would be used as a secure exercise area for dogs otherwise unable to run free and for behaviour training.

Charity secretary Jane Nettleton said: "Without land we are limited with what we can do.

“We are overrun with requests to rehome dogs or help with behavioural issues, but we don’t have kennels or even our own space to work with owners and their pets.”

Anyone with information about suitable land for sale can call Jane Nettleton on 07962 401156.