A TRUNK road is urgently in need of upgrading after a crash left a port town cut off for more than five hours.

Commuters were diverted through villages after police shut off both lanes of the A120 between Horsley Cross and Ramsey so recovery vehicles and specialist crash investigators could get to work.

The crash, at about 1.40am last Wednesday, involved a car, van and a refridgerated lorry carrying bacon, which was on its way to Manchester.

Firefighters had to cut two trapped men from the vehicles before they could be taken to hospital.

Harwich councillor Dave McLeod said the collision was proof the road needs to be dualled.

“For five hours, our port town was cut off and the A120 is our lifeline,” he said.

“Money needs to be spent on infrastructure and the main thing is to get the A120 dualled.

“The crash cut us off for a long time and that is because of a lack of investment and vision."